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Top five Tourist Places in Joshua Tree California

Welcome to my blog immediate tour. In this blog we discuss different tourist places. Today we will discuss One of the largest and most popular national parks in America is Joshua Tree California. The park receives around 3 million visitors annually and is the closest National Park to Los Angeles and San Diego. Joshua Tree was first established as a National Monument.

in Nineteen hundred and Thirty-six later as part of the 1994 desert protection bill Joshua Tree was elevated to national park status. The central feature of the park is the namesake Joshua trees which grow almost exclusively in the Mojave Desert. the name may have come from the Mormon settlers who thought the trees resembled a man with outstretched arms.

There are three main entrances to the park one to the south and two to the north. The park has 93 miles of paved roads and 106 miles of unpaved roads. Nine campgrounds with 523 campsites two horse camps and ten picnic areas with 38 picnic sites. there are 32 trailheads and 191 miles of hiking trails throughout the park.

The area is massive and it takes an hour to pass through the park even by the fastest route in the heart of the park. You’ll find some incredible but often congested sites the park is always busy with tourists.

Next few places while popular are also highlights keys view overlooked is a must-see at 5,000. 185 feet this overlook gives expansive views of the neighboring mountain ranges. Imperial Valley and the Salton Sea similarly named Keys Ranch displays ruins of an early settlement.

The ranch contains several buildings rusty cars and abandoned machinery. Some of the least traveled but best short hikes are those to a desert oasis. Several of these lush green pockets pop up in secluded areas.

49 Palms Oasis and Los Palms Oasis are the easiest to experience and can be a welcome escape from people and harsh sun. But remember that all hikes in this environment require water other than Joshua trees. The other major natural feature of the park is the rock formations unlike rocks found elsewhere these resemble piles of boulders.

This terrain is sought after by climbers who use the odd formations and gritty textures for training and short ascents. Frequented areas include jumbo rocks and white tank barker dam is another great alternative and after rains a small lake forms amongst the boulders. These areas

fill up quickly and have limited parking but almost every trail in this section of the park has boulders. So, there is no shortage of ways to explore these formations. lastly along the road to the southern entrance, the ocotillo patch and Choya cactus gardens grant access to short trails.

¬†Where You can explore two cactus varieties Joshua Tree provides a habitat for 813 plant species, 46 reptiles, 57 mammals, and over 250 varieties of birds being that it’s the closest National Park too so much of Southern California.


I’m gonna show you 5 places to explore there. let’s do it stops number one is

Arch Rock located

Arch Rock located

In the white tank campground, Arch Rock is one of my favorite places in the entire park. This short half-mile trail takes you to the arch so you can explore all around it and it’s a great place for star photography.

Choya Cactus Gardens

Choya Cactus Gardens

Number two is the Choya cactus gardens, this collection of Choya cactus spreads out as far as the eye can see in one specific area of the park. there’s a short trail that lets you get up close and personal with the Choya cactus but don’t get too close because they’re known as jumping cactus for a reason and they will stick to your stop.

Ryan Mountain

Number three is Ryan mountain right in the center of the park. It’s not the tallest mountain in Joshua Tree. Ryan Mountain is the most prominent with the beautiful 360-degree view from the summit. This hike is short but it’s incredibly steep and goes up. So, don’t take it lightly once you get to the summit though you’ll be able to look out all over the park. The rock formations and all the Joshua tree California dotting the landscape below. It’s also a great place for sunset.

Barker Dam

Barker Dam

Number four takes us over to the barker dam which is the most popular trail in the entire park. barker dam is a short easy to access trail. it’s one of the only trails in the park that has water. It takes you to a historic dam from the early to mid-1900. If you happen to go in the springtime when it’s filled with water it’s awesome to see the reflections and the rocks behind it. if you only have a short amount of time in the park, this is a great trail.

The crazy rock

The crazy rock

The crazy rock formations wall the street mill is my fifth stop. it’s accessed from the same parking lot as the barker dam. the hike to wall street mill is two miles roundtrip. The way you’ll go PI a few abandoned rusted old cars which are cool for photography. it’s actually really well-preserved you can’t go in it but you can get some great views walking around the historic structure and it’s a fun short hike in Joshua Tree stope below. It’s also a great place for sunset.

Final Verdict

We have tried in this article to give ideas about Joshua tree California. Here we discuss five important places of Joshua Tree. If you like my article, I will try to inform you about many more good tourist places. If you think you need to connect something after reading this article, please let us know in the comment box.

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