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Top Five Travel Country in The World

Welcome to my blog. Prior to this post, we discussed the top five tourist attractions in the USA. Today we will discuss five best country to visit. Before discussing this issue, we should discuss one issue. And that is COVID19 which is leading our economic situation in this world to a very bad situation.

By the time I write about any of these issues, about one hundred and ninety countries in the world are affected by this epidemic. There are many countries in the world whose economic structure is based on their tourism industry. As a result of this COVID19, the economic environment of their country is much worse now.

 So, we should all follow the rules given by the government until this virus is eradicated. At the same time, we have to be aware of ourselves so that we do not become the brothers of someone else. Let us now discuss our main topic.


Honestly, those who love to travel are interested in going there whenever there is a fairly good place. Today in this blog I am trying to list five best countries to visit by which you can learn how to travel at a low cost.

United States of America

Best country to visit

Native Americans are probably of Asian descent. They have lived in the United States for thousands of years. On July 4, 1976, the colony declared independence. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States became the world’s only superpower.

The total area of America is 98 lakh 33 thousand five hundred and twenty square kilometers. The total population of this country according to the data of 2017 is 32 crore 57 lakh 19 thousand 178 people. It is the third-largest in the world in terms of population.

The capital of the United States is Washington DC and the largest city is New York. Their official language is English. Currently, the largest technology companies, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are American.

Seven out of ten richest people in the world are American citizens. Also, the richest man in the world Bill Gates is an American citizen. The most powerful air force in the world is the American Air Force.

There is a total of 50 states in the United States of which the largest in California. The US state currency is the US dollar. And this country can be the main attraction of your trip. Millions of people travel to America every year. As of 2018, about 80 million foreign tourists visited that year.

Almost every state in America has many important places where many travelers arrive. Important tourist destinations in America are Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls, Florida Case, Las Vegas Strip, Daniel National Park, and Great Smoky Mountain.



Italy is a country in southern Europe. Italy and Greece are known as the birthplaces of Western culture and civilization. Various sculptures and artistic specimens are scattered throughout Italy. I think Italy is one of the top five best country to visit. Italy is a people’s republic and the 23rd most developed country.

Italy ranks in the top ten in improving the quality of life. Italy shares borders with Switzerland, France, Australia, and Slovenia. The total area of Italy is 3 lakh 1 thousand 340 square kilometers and the total population is more than six crores. Seventy-two countries in the world in size and twenty-three in the world in terms of population.

Rome which is the capital and largest city of Italy. Rome is a city about three thousand years old. The official language of the country is Italian. Italy is surrounded by the two independent states of San Marino and Vatican City. The University of Rome is one of the oldest universities in the world.

The highest peak in Europe, White Mountain is located in Italy. Its height is fifteen thousand seven hundred and seventy-one feet. At present, it is the seventh-largest economy in the world. About 50 million people visit Italy every year. The tourism sector is an important sector of the Italian economy. Football is the most popular sport.

Italy ranks number one in the world in the fashion industry. The longest tunnel in the world is located between Switzerland and Italy. So, you can travel Italy if you want.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a symbol of ambition. The lion’s share of the UAE’s oil is found in Abu Dhabi, making it the richest and most powerful of the seven emirates. In the past, Abu Dhabi was a poor coastal settlement. In the 1950s, Abu Dhabi discovered many valuable mineral oils under its soil. The key driver of Abu Dhabi’s remarkable growth is the oil industry. It is almost unimaginable to think about where this industry has taken the country from in just 40 years.

Currently, the city of Abu Dhabi is considered as an important place for various tourism lovers in the world. The Burj Khalifa is currently home to the world’s largest man-made structure. The city is located on an island just 14 kilometers long. Here, one skyscraper after another is built on the sands of the desert. One of the best establishments Emirates Place Hotel is located here. Zayed Mosque This is the largest mosque in the UAE where about 40,000 people can pray together.

In 2009, Abu Dhabi became world-famous because of its Yes Island. Here is the biggest racecourse of Formula One racing. You can enjoy this formula race by sitting in different pleasure boats. Abu Dhabi also has the world’s best golf course. There is a desert called Rub-al-Khali. And there are a lot of oil mines on this bottom of the desert.

Next to this desert is the Liua Oasis. Lots of dates are cultivated here. And the modern tourism system has been developed in this region. Tourists who want to see the traditional oasis can come here if they wish. Here you can enjoy the taste of desert tourism by riding a balloon. About 20 million tourists travel to the UAE every year. The best tourist destination in the UAE is the city of Dubai.

Republic of India

India is a country in South Asia. The official name of the country is the Republic of India. The largest country in South Asia and the seventh-largest in the world in terms of size. India is a country with a population of over 130 crores. Despite the combination of twenty-nine provinces and sixty religions and a myriad of languages and cultures, India is one and the same.

The historical Indus Valley Civilization was formed in this country. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism originated in India. In 1947, India emerged as an independent state. Nineteen was liberated as an independent democratic state by enacting a constitution in 1950. The total area of India is thirty-two lakh eighty-seven thousand two hundred and sixty-three square kilometers.

India has a total population of 130 crores. India is the second-largest country in the world. The capital of India is New Delhi and the largest city in India is Mumbai. The official language of India is Hindi. India has the third-largest military power in the world. Today, Indian engineers are among the largest IT companies in the world.

The main driving force of India’s economy is its railways, Bollywood movies, cricket, overseas remittances, and tourism. According to the estimates of two thousand and eighteen, about eighteen million tourists visited India that year. And from this sector, he earns about twenty-eight thousand US dollars. If you are a real traveler then in India you can actually fulfill your desire.

India is a state where you can see mountains and deserts at the same time. All the places in India that may be interesting to you are the snow-covered cities of Kashmir, Gangtok, Darjeeling. The desert city of Rajasthan, the old temple city of South India. Also, a Taj Mahal of the Seven Wonders of the World.



Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. The official name of this country is the Thai State. Other nations living in this country include China, Malay and indigenous hill tribes. Thai folk art is world-famous. Thailand’s economy has changed a lot since the nineteen-eighties.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The total area of Thailand is five lakh thirteen thousand one hundred and twenty square kilometers. Fifteen in size of the world. The country is bordered by Myanmar, Malaysia, and Cambodia. The total population of Thailand is about seven crores. Which is the twentieth in the world? Most of the people in this country are Buddhists.

Thai is the official language of Thailand. Much of Thailand’s economy comes from the tourism sector. Millions of tourists visit Thailand every year. Income from tourism accounts for about six percent of the country’s total economy. When you get off the plane and enter Thailand, you will feel like you have come to a country in Europe.

About thirty-five million tourists visit Thailand every year. Pattaya is the most beautiful city in Thailand. This city is surrounded by sea and mountains. The city is about two hundred kilometers from Bangkok.

Final Verdict

In this blog, I have tried to tell you how to get people to like best country to visit. Apart from the five countries I have mentioned here, there are many more countries in the world that you can visit if you want. I like to visit these five countries and that is why I have discussed these five countries here.

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